OKADA Tsutomu

School of Humanities
Kanazawa University

Major research field
Adolescent personality development
Recent Research Interests
Friendship and development of self image among the contemporary adolescents
Academic Degrees and Professional Experiences

Academic degrees
2004 Ph.D. Gakushuin University,Japan
1985 M.A. Rikkyo University, Japan
1983 B.A. Gakushuin University, Japan

Professional experiences
2008-present,Professor, Kanazawa University
2000-2008,Associate Professor, Kanazawa University
1998-2000, Associate Professor, Rikkyo University
1994-1998, Associate Professor, Niigata University
1992-1993, Assistant Professor, Niigata University
1991 Research Assistant, Niigata University

[Jorunal Articles(selected)]
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Okada,T.2002 Adaptation,Self-images,Friend-images and Friendship on Contemporary Adolescents.Studies and essays:behavioral sciences and philosophy(Kanazawa University),22,1-38.
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